Rated A Level of the Year by “The Guardian”, Geography A Level is a complete essential. It is one of the most diverse subjects around as we learn about everything from the lithology of coastlines to Glocalisation with “The McSpicy Paneer” burger introduced in India. Both employers and top universities love Geography as you learn many skills from data analysis to essay writing.Geography A-level is also a facilitating subject, which means that it can be useful for a whole range of university courses and will help you keep your options open.

Geography is good if:

  • You enjoy learning about people and their societies, economies, cultures and the environment
  • You are keen to learn and develop a wide range of skills
  • You are seeking a broad based academic degree, offering above average graduate employability

Even though most people think that it is just colouring in, I can assure you that it is not. Okay maybe we do some colouring in, but there is so much more! In Geography we learn in a variety of ways including reading “Geography Review”, watching documentaries and having class discussions.

Geography is split into two sections:

Physical Geography: is a branch of earth science, which looks at the natural elements of the world, including the atmosphere, land and oceans. Physical geographers study things like climate, soil, how the earth was formed and how it is changing over time.

Human Geography: is a social science that studies how humans interact with the planet and covers things like population growth, migration, how urban and rural settlements develop, how we work with animals and even how our economies are effected by the environment we live in.

This will show universities that you are a capable all-round student. Furthermore, if the rest of your subjects are all very essay based, Geography allows you to have some scientific knowledge to keep you on your toes during A Level. It works the other way too! If your subjects are all science based you also have a social science subject to exercise your essay writing skills!

If you would like to find out more about A Level Geography, then you can speak to any of the Geography teachers or myself.

-Aneesa Ahmed, Year 12


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