Chemistry AS level… What to expect? (think like a proton – always be positive).

Hey! Are you thinking of taking Chemistry for AS-level? It’s definitely no smooth journey: it requires lots of hard work, tricky practicals and although we’ve only had a taste of Chemistry AS level in our first two months of Sixth Form we can already say that it’s a mole lot of fun.

Frankly, Chemistry is one of the most challenging AS-levels going around – bringing together a range of testing topics in the form of both theory and practicals. However, once you start you’ll be in your element. There is a range of topics to study such as atom and moles, reactions and chemical analysis. It is more than possible to succeed if you do your homework on time, do your independent study and ask your teachers if you’re in need of help. It is crucial for success. One of our classmates told us that he “really regrets not doing independent study at the start of the term” because he now finds the easiest topics most difficult.

Make no mistake – Chemistry is not just work and writing. Mrs Weeks and Mrs Prestwood ensure we have everything from Cake Mondays to a Licence to Kill (flies!), we never have a boring lesson.

From work experience in the Prep Room to helping with the lower years, there are plenty of opportunities for Sixth Formers who are positively effervescing for more Chemistry in their lives. Rest assured that here in the Science Department, we can cure you of all your chemistry curiosities.

(How many puns? Less than 5 and Chemistry AS is not the subject for you!)

By Eddie James, Mairead Barker and Georgia Price.


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