There are many reasons why I love Sociology. Firstly the subject content is so interesting because it is all about theories of society, people in society and what we think about the world we live in. There are many interesting topics in Sociology such as culture, education, families and households. All topics cover very interesting content about the society which we live in and each of the topics are very dynamic. The teachers teach the content in a variety of ways like watching videos and doing fun group discussions which would really get you engaged in the subject.

Secondly, another reason why I love sociology is because the class sizes are relatively small, therefore this means that the classes are very interacting as smaller classes means better learning in my opinion and furthermore this leads to higher grades at AS or A2 level. To be honest, sociology is a relatively easy A-level to get due to the nature of the exams.

Additionally, the teachers are great, both Miss Flipping and Mrs Czekaj both know the subject thoroughly and therefore when you ask a question they almost always know the answer and this is a benefit to any student. Lastly, The reason I did sociology was because I was interested in how our society works, but only after a few terms of studying the course, I am now interested in topics like politics which I thought I would never been interested in. Sociology broadens your horizons and makes you interested in other areas you may not have otherwise enjoyed (eg politics and education).

I hope this article allows you to consider studying Sociology at A Level.

-Danyal Khan, year 12.


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