Squirrel awareness…

For my work experience in the summer of year 10 I was placed at a veterinary surgery in Newbury. I’ve always loved working with animals so was pleased to be working with them for the week. It was a pleasurable experience with many happy stories of pets being cured. One of the stories that stuck with me though was rather less enjoyable. I’d like to raise awareness of this issue so that there are less stories like it.

An unpleasant man brought in a wild grey squirrel whilst I was in the surgery claiming that he thought there was something wrong with it. Little did I know that this man had been bringing squirrels to the surgery on a daily basis for months and was purposely catching them in his garden. In the United Kingdom GREY squirrels classed as ‘pests’ and so much be put down if brought out of the wild which this one was. Although the vets hate killing the squirrels, it is part of their job and so the squirrel was given a lethal injection. It was really upsetting to witness and made me want to raise awareness. If you bring any kind of wild animal don’t take in to at veterinary surgery as it will have to be put down.

-Georgia Price, year 12


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