Frankly, no. Many will argue that, although Rogue comes close, The Empire Strikes Back remains the best Star Wars film yet. However, in no way does that mean Rogue One is a bad film.

Rogue One is a more grown up and sombre film than the rest of the Saga. The prequels were ruined by battle droids and Jar Jar Binks (although he may well be the Sith the Jedi had been searching for all along), and the Original Trilogy, while miles better than the Prequels still had a light-hearted feel to them in some places. Rogue One is different. The setting, a galaxy under the grip of the Empire and the plight of a fledgling Rebellion, gives the film a familiar yet at the same time different setting, but there is little of the humour that characterised the other films, and the limited humour is more dark and cynical.

Rogue was meant to be a tread water, something to keeps fans of the franchise entertained until December when episode 8 is released (by the way, the plural of Jedi is Jedi, so don’t get worried about Luke or Rey dying just yet). But what was meant to be a stop gap film has become arguably the best film of 2016, thanks to its different style while still being familiar to fans. And the fan service in this film is incredible. Be it the death of Red 5, opening the slot for Luke in A New Hope, or the sight of Tantive IV, the Rebel star ship escaping with the plans for the Death Star. and of course, C-3PO and R2-D2 make an appearance, continuing to be the only characters to have featured in all the Star Wars films so far.

The new characters in Rogue are excellent. Although it may seem to take a while to get to know them, once you do, their chemistry is incredible. Be it the trust bond building between K-2SO and Jyn, or the relationship between  Malbus and Imwe or the creation of the Rogue Squad at the films climax.

Overall, as a Star Wars fan, it cant get much better. Fan service, new characters and back stories to explore and finally knowing how the Rebels managed to steal the plans to the Death Star. It makes for a great film and one worthy of the title, “A Star Wars Story”

Oh, and Darth Vader was just awesome, wasn’t he?

-Max Wynn, year 12


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