It’s not as easy as it looks: the life of the Head Boy and Head Girl!

What do you actually do?

Henry: Tai and I are always doing things, from making posters telling people to put stuff in the bin, to organising events, finding furniture and representing the pupils’ voice at Governors’ meetings.

What do you do in these Governors’ meetings?

Tai: We sit, have biscuits and tea (even mulled wine at Christmas time), and discuss what has been brought up at the school council meetings and sixth form council meetings. It’s pretty chilled out and we usually don’t have to stay for the whole thing. Issues are discussed and solutions are thought up, helping us make the pupil voice heard.

How much time does it take up? What about your studies?

Henry: It depends really on how much we have going on. When we were trying to get furniture for the Sixth Form study room it took more time than it does now. We have to spend usually one or two evenings a month doing something after school. It’s quite usual to spend a free or two in a week talking to each other about what needs doing and which of us is going to do it. Planning events is hard but luckily we have the senior students in the Sixth Form who do a lot of that so we don’t have to! It doesn’t really interfere with my studies though it can provide a great excuse to procrastinate.

What’s it like having to do assemblies in front of a whole year group?

Tai: I’m not going to lie to you, it’s quite nerve-wracking the first few times. Luckily I always have Henry to protect me from the braying mob. I actually found the first speech we ever did in front of parents in the hall the least scary because you can’t be scared of the unknown. In my election speech I said how nervous I was talking in front of people and how this would be a great opportunity for me to improve myself. I think it really has.


-Tai Davison and Henry Wright, year 13


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