I want to start off by putting it out there that I don’t have answers. The other week I found myself stressing out about my moral obligation to fight against what I think is wrong. That’s why I want to talk about my relationship with politics in this article. I don’t know a lot about politics really and I feel as if I should know more, hopefully by the end of this article I’ll have made a bit more sense of the role I can play in politics.

It’s 2017 and we live in a world of Trump and Brexit. People of my age had no vote in either one of these developments despite the fact that they are going to affect us. I believe that we need to discuss these things but it seems we are rarely asked what we think.

I tend to hate political discussions because I never feel like I am completely educated about a topic or that what I think has value. I feel like what I say isn’t valued unless it’s backed up with fancy words and statistics . This is why I shy away from in depth political discussions because I’ve reached the point too many times where I’ve felt unqualified.

Despite this I know that my opinion has value. It’s not a flawless argument, its not always right; it’s just what I think. As long as you have an opinion you have a role to play in democracy. The real question is how do we get these opinions heard? As I said earlier I don’t have the answers so I asked a friend who is a member of youth parliament who replied with ideas such as contacting your local MP, debating in school and campaigning with pressure groups etc.

What I’ve realized by exploring the world of politics a little more is that my voice is worth hearing and that it should be valued in society. I’m still working out exactly how young people can really make a change in our society so I’d be interested for any perspectives on that.  Maybe just through more teenagers acknowledging their opinions and expressing them, our age group will be heard.

a voice

-Rachael Jones, year 13





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