The lights dimmed as the first notes of the first song began to ring across the theatre. Cheers heralded the entrance of the star of the performance as the lights went on.

Then the show started.

The performance of Lindsey Stirling on the final night of her Brave Enough Tour was beyond superb. The lighting, visuals and acoustics were impeccable. Mist filling the stage and projections being cast upon in with such skill that they looked three-dimensional in their presentation.

The accompanying dancers also filled the auditorium more strongly than the fog that surrounded them, enveloping the stage with seamless gesticulation and translucent pirouettes.

But the true beauty of the night lay not in the backing dancers, but in the cascade of immutable mastery of music that resided in the performance of Lindsey Stirling. Not a single person in the audience could do anything less than gaze in wonder and admiration as she danced elegantly across the stage entrancing all that watched with the dulcet tones of her violin.

From her old songs to the new, Lindsey brilliantly succeeded in acquiring the unmitigated attention of the audience harnessing both their esteem and their empathy as through the show not only we were treated to art, but we were granted an insight into her life but her trials.

The concert was a masterpiece, and nothing will be able to hold me back from attending her tour when it comes around in a few years’ time.

Eliot Luke,  Year 12


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