We all know that feeling. You’ve spent all your time revising for your exams and then September rolls around and you have to start the hard work all over again. It’s hard to maintain that motivation that got you through the tough times but hopefully these tips will inspire you!


Tip No. 1: Clean your Space


I often find that a clean working space makes it easier for me to revise. The process of tidying up a space can be enough to motivate me to revise. You could even try decorating your area with plants, fairy lights or inspirational quotes to encourage you to spend more time at your working space.


Tip No.2: Create a Vision Board


If you are able to see the reasons why you are revising in front of you while you do, it may help to push you through those long hours spent hunched over your books. You could stick some pictures of the reasons you want to get good grades on your walls or go all-out and dedicate a whole corkboard to your vision. Use photos of money, smiles of people on results day, photos of your family or whatever your own personal motivations may be.


Tip No.3: Follow Motivational Accounts

The Internet is a wonderful place and there are countless motivational study accounts on sites like Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest. Now, I don’t mean motivational quote accounts, I actually mean the accounts that post aesthetically pleasing photos of people studying, sharing there tips and sometimes offering free stuff such as printables. These accounts show that revising can be fun and make you aspire to be as driven as them. If you want to go the extra mile, you could even set up one of your own study accounts! One of my favourite accounts is the organised student on Tumblr (linked below).

The Organised Student

Tip No.4: Buy Stuff

Nothing motivates me more than buying a bunch of pretty revision tools such as notebooks, folders and stationery. Shops such as Wilkos have revision supplies for low prices with products such as revision cards for £1.


Tip No.5: Make Lists and Goals


There is no better feeling than being able to tick off a task that you have set yourself. Setting a checklist of goals you want to achieve either daily or weekly can really encourage you to revise and complete work. A visual reminder of what you need to can also help you organise your time better.

Ellie Palmer-Burgell

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