Well you’re here now so you might as well stay! Welcome to BlogBolt, a unique school blog run by students at The Willink where we write and share almost anything imaginable. We want you to understand that life at school is about more than just the textbooks. The most vital stages of development as a character happens between ages 12 and 18. We want students at the Willink to grow as people as well as academics.

BlogBolt is therefore your way to read articles written by us, your peers and even you! Whether you are passionate about politics, sport, film, science or fashion etc; BlogBolt will have a range of articles suited for your needs. BlogBolt provides everyone with an outlet to post about what they are interested in. By writing your own articles and sending them to us to publish you have a guaranteed audience to read your works.

As the topics on BlogBolt are not just limited to those within the school gates, why not share them everywhere? Share links to blog posts that you have written on your social media for your loved ones to see.

Blog posts can be kept anonymous if you wish but otherwise all credits go to the original writer. You are the cast and we are the creative.

If you are interested in writing regular posts for BlogBolt (eg writing weekly articles reviewing that week’s football) then please get in touch.

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Aneesa: aneesaa1@willink.w-berks.sch.uk

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-Aneesa Ahmed and Ellie Palmer-Burgell