How To Motivate Yourself Post-Exams

We all know that feeling. You’ve spent all your time revising for your exams and then September rolls around and you have to start the hard work all over again. It’s hard to maintain that motivation that got you through the tough times but hopefully these tips will inspire you!   Tip No. 1: Clean … Continue reading How To Motivate Yourself Post-Exams

Critical Theory and Art

Eliot Luke on the Arts, critique and writing Firstly, I would like to clarify what I mean by art. I use the term in regards to all artistic expression, whether that be drawn, written or filmed. This is a broad category to address in respect to critical theory and its relation to art (modern or … Continue reading Critical Theory and Art

Why I love Sociology

There are many reasons why I love Sociology. Firstly the subject content is so interesting because it is all about theories of society, people in society and what we think about the world we live in. There are many interesting topics in Sociology such as culture, education, families and households. All topics cover very interesting … Continue reading Why I love Sociology

Geography, it will rock your world!

Rated A Level of the Year by "The Guardian", Geography A Level is a complete essential. It is one of the most diverse subjects around as we learn about everything from the lithology of coastlines to Glocalisation with "The McSpicy Paneer" burger introduced in India. Both employers and top universities love Geography as you learn many … Continue reading Geography, it will rock your world!

Should You Take Chemistry A-Level?

Chemistry AS level… What to expect? (think like a proton – always be positive). Hey! Are you thinking of taking Chemistry for AS-level? It’s definitely no smooth journey: it requires lots of hard work, tricky practicals and although we’ve only had a taste of Chemistry AS level in our first two months of Sixth Form … Continue reading Should You Take Chemistry A-Level?