Q: How does parliament work?

What happens after June 8th? 1. Form a Government After the election there will be 650 MPs that will have been elected by YOUR VOTES. If one party obtains more than 326 MPs they have a majority of the votes and therefore can pass laws. This party will form a government. If no single party … Continue reading Q: How does parliament work?

Opinion: We Must Rewind the Clock

The time is currently 2.5 minutes to midnight. Time in most senses marches onwards without us having any possible say in things. Yet as the mechanism behind the minute hand of the world's doomsday clock creaks and threatens to move we must step back from the brink and wind the clock back. The situation all … Continue reading Opinion: We Must Rewind the Clock


On Wednesday we witnessed England's first major terrorist attack since the murder of Jo Cox in June of last year, and the first one with multiple fatalities since the 7/7 bombings in 2005. Undoubtedly a tragedy, the attack has affected people up and down the country regardless of whether they have friends or family in … Continue reading #WeAreNotAfraid