Women’s rugby on the rise?

The start of February could only possibly mean one thing to avid rugby fans like myself, the start of The RBS Six Nations. The English men’s side have enjoyed an unbeaten 2016, after a frankly shameful World cup appearance the year before, where a lack-luster England side were knocked out at in the group stage. … Continue reading Women’s rugby on the rise?


Own Your Labels

My name is Eddie James - I’m an aspiring medic, I love photography and I’m a young gay man. If you would have told me that in Year 7, I would not have believed you. Purely because I hadn’t known about any of these attributes of which I hold so dearly as part of myself. … Continue reading Own Your Labels

Why the “Women’s March on Washington” will make history.

On January 21st 2017 people of all genders, races and ages joined in the "Women's March on Washington". Its primary purpose was to highlight the sexist remarks made by Donald Trump and to oppose his potential plan of abolishing abortion, issues fundamentally concerning women, and was therefore named "The Women's March". However, this sparked many … Continue reading Why the “Women’s March on Washington” will make history.

Why I love Sociology

There are many reasons why I love Sociology. Firstly the subject content is so interesting because it is all about theories of society, people in society and what we think about the world we live in. There are many interesting topics in Sociology such as culture, education, families and households. All topics cover very interesting … Continue reading Why I love Sociology