• Provide a creative outlet for students to express themselves on their interests and passions.
  • Projecting a positive image for The Willink School and its students.
  • Giving Sixth Formers the opportunity to manage and edit a publication.



  • Students, teachers and parents of the Willink School from Year 7 upwards



  • Our aim is for students to write and produce content on a wide range of topics however we encourage articles on topics such as:
    • Film and TV reviews
    • Sporting events
    • “How to’s”
    • Topical news stories
  • Controversial subjects must be appropriate for our audience and there must be a distinction between matters grounded in fact and those which are a matter of opinion.


  • Length- keep as short and concise as possible to keep reader’s attention.
  • Tone- as positive as possible, critical is allowed within boundaries.
  • Spelling and Grammar – make sure sentences are broken up into readable chunks and paragraphs. Use headings where appropriate to break up text. Spelling and grammar has got to be to the best of your ability.
  • Images and Video – we encourage students to use a range of media to illustrate articles. Please make sure these are Creative Commons or Rights Approved. (Eg from Any photos of students- permission must be obtained from student and parent.